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About Adam Smiddy and the Smiddy Fun Run

Adam Smiddy was just 26 years old when he died. After only 6 months of being diagnosed with a malignant melanoma and spending just 8 days in hospital, Adam passed away on 6th August 2006. Adam was a keen triathlete and runner and a dedicated physiotherapist at the PA Hospital.

As a way for staff to celebrate and remember Adam through something he loved doing, the Physiotherapy Department organised a fun run a few months later to coincide with his birthday on the 7th November.

Since then, the Smiddy Fun Run has taken place every year to help raise funds and awareness for skin cancer research at the PA and has raised over $150,000.

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“I met Adam firstly through UQ swimming squad. There was a very close bond between everyone who trained together, we swam, rode and ran together and raced as hard as we could. I then got to know Adam better while he was working at the PA Hospital. He was quiet and lovely young guy and we were all rocked by his passing.

I only ran in the first Smiddy Fun Run but was moved by how much everyone loved and missed Adam so decided I wanted to help out too. Since then I have helped organise and contribute to run. It’s so wonderful to see how Adam is remembered and seeing the event continue to grow with the support still of Adam’s family.”

Angela O’Connor, Medical Education Officer PA Hospital

“I met Adam while I was working in the physio department. Adam and I both had a keen interest in triathlons and would sometimes be on the same group rides. Adam, myself and another physio entered a triathlon together just after he had recovered from treatment for his cancer. I think he would have liked to have done the whole thing himself but he was happy to be part of a team. When Adam passed away it was a huge shock to the department because he was so young and had appeared so fit and healthy.

Our director Kathy, suggested we organise a fun run in memory of Adam as it was something our department and the hospital could do with the idea being Adam loved running and competing and we could also raise funds for the PA Foundation to support skin cancer research. Local business donated food for us to provide breakfast afterwards and we had a huge turnout and lots of volunteers.

We are so pleased at how the run had evolved over the years and look forward each year to building on it and making it a fun event for runners and walkers while remembering Adam in a positive way and raising funds.”

Tony Pratt, Physiotherapist PA Hospital

Smiddy Fun Run - 2nd March 2023

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